More information ultimately leads to better decision making. By collecting data from many sources – like patient wearables and mobile devices, medical records from multiple providers, GPS tracking, medical devices, and so on – Aegilon constructs a comprehensive “fabric of care” that directly connects patients with providers.

Putting the power in your hands:

Successful coordinated care programs work best when providers and patients are able to freely share information in a secure and confidential manner. Our programs close the loop by ensuring that - no matter the setting, profession, or health condition of interest - all providers can readily access information and communicate directly with one another and their patients. In this way, we blend personalized patient-centered care and preventative medicine, improving patient and provider satisfaction.

Advantages and Value

When people feel empowered and inspired to self-manage their health, wellness follows. Using a “connected health” approach that encourages communication and collaboration among all the stakeholders involved in a patient’s health, we can improve healthcare and lower costs by providing patient-centered, personalized medicine.

Using machine intelligence and health data mining, Aegilon creates a highly detailed and unique picture of every patient, which constantly reveals expected health insights pointing patients toward better health. Aegilon’s pioneering approach offers opportunities for healthcare innovation, including:

  • Decipher complex patient presentations to zero in on key treatment targets
  • Discover, research and audit potential preventative health solutions
  • Applying machine intelligent health insights at home or in the clinic, and across the entire healthcare organization
  • Patient self-management complementing clinical care using a secure social support network for your members, clinicians and partners

Services Delivered

  • Comprehensive and secure platform compatible with most devices and software
  • Expertly designed clinical programs and interventions portfolio
  • Programs and tools available anytime, anywhere
  • Analytics and data insights
  • Population health management programs
  • Medical device integration
  • Social collaboration networks
  • Health measurement and assessment tools
  • Smart applications
  • Wearable data metrics
  • Healthy communities and employee wellness educational programs
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