Over the last fifty years, rapid technological growth has resulted in increasingly disconnected healthcare technologies that interfere with timely communication across settings, which ultimately impairs healthcare delivery.



At Aegilon©, we bring together your healthcare team. Rather than hinder it, we believe technology can be a tool to facilitate communication for smarter consumer-centered healthcare. That’s why we use advanced technology and machine intelligence to improve healthcare and lower costs.

Population Health Management

To improve the health of our communities, we need to focus on individuals. Aegilon aims to provide high quality care at lower costs by preventing diseases and closing care gaps. To accomplish this, we use data analytics to explore who receives care, when and where, what care is given, and health outcomes. This metadata is used to instantly highlight trends and patient needs with individualized recommendations. Our intelligence engine also constantly discovers new care insights to motivate patients toward wellness behaviors, improve population health outcomes, and prevent problems before they arise.

Integrated Information Systems

Healthcare providers are often faced with a technology infrastructure that is disjointed, with incompatible applications, multiple platforms and complex operating systems, and fragmented programs, networks, and databases. This can result in clinician frustration and high technology costs resulting from attempting to manage off-the-shelf hardware and software.

Our information systems allow you to flexibly integrate all of your existing technology into one simple and unified portal, seamlessly.

Application Connectors

Developers and consumers looking to increase the quality, speed, and capability of hardware and software turn to cloud computing. We harness the cloud to facilitate real-time transmission of secure data; anytime and anywhere. Using this approach, Aegilon© offers developers our service connectors and data repository for device integration into the cloud, which transforms applications into smart applications and services. Expanding the capabilities of your hardware or software by transmitting data to and from the cloud has never been easier.

Doing Your Health a World of Good

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Our Mission

To provide a comprehensive and user-friendly healthcare technology network that facilitates collaborative, affordable, and high-quality patient care using machine intelligence and ultra-secure data exchange.

Empowering individuals and communities to live independently and manage health conditions for an improved quality of life.

Aegilon Core Values

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